The dangers of texting

The dangers of texting, religious guidiance, texting

It seems people are addicted to their phones. Mobile devices and texting go hand in hand. texting and driving causing accidents else are conducted via text on these devices. Mobile phones and the ability to text can be extremely useful, but in the wrong hands, the two can prove to be lethal weapons. The dangers of texting begin on the streets. People are so busy texting they bump into other people and cause aggression. People who don’t text much detest those who are constantly texting, oblivious to all else. We all know the dangers of texting with driving. The many wrecked cars and lives are testimony to this. There are many governments which ban texting outright while driving. People face many potential dangers while texting, and with young people, it has extended to cyber bullying. In fact, the rise of texting for bullying is on the up and up and we’re seeing a rise in depressed children and teens suffering from long-term psychological damage. Texting is dangerous because it is no impersonal, you can say and do things that you normally wouldn’t if you were face to face with someone. It is this anonymity and obsession with being connected that is going to lead to a worldwide epidemic of obsessive behaviour and out of control cyber harassment.

Good communicator : Am I One?

Good communicator - It requires skill

I am a chatterer over coffee and generally do a lot of talking. But am I good communicator? This thought surfaced in my mind last Friday over coffee. I researched a bit and found out that I was indeed a good communicator. Let me walk you through these five points that will explain why.

(1) Being objective: Good communication needs to be objective, meaning that you need to be persuasive while selling and state the facts when presenting results. As per my coffee mates, I pass this test.

(2) Knowing the audience: My friends are an audience I really know well so this round is also passed. Rarely do I invite unknown people over for coffee, so knowing the audience is never a problem.

(3) The medium of communication: I have been very well spoken ever since I was a child, so I always score on this front.

(4) Listening while speaking: Being candid, this is what I don’t do. When I speak it is just me speaking.

(5) Non-Verbal expression: If facial expressions are non-verbal I am good at it. So I tick four out of the five boxes, which means I must be a fairly good communicator. What do you think?

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Antichrist who is he?

Antichrist the one who will end the world

As I was sitting with an old friend over coffee, the mention of the Antichrist came up. A great debate followed which made me realise that I did not know much on this topic. So I did as I normally do when wanting to know about something, I looked on Google and at my local library and now I will share what I found. The holy Bible does not directly refer to the antichrist. Let us look at the different things which refer to this anti of Christ in Bible.

Antichrist – The reference to the name Antichrist is found only in 1 John 2:18, 2:22 and 2 John 7. Here the verses say about many false teachers between the first and second coming of Christ. However there is reference to a great Antichrist who will arise during end of times. He will deceive people in believing him and will have more followers than Christ. However he will be defeated by Christ when he comes to the world in his second coming.

Man of Sin – Man of sin is the word in 2 Thessalonians 2:3-4. He is also described as the son of perdition who will deceive and be worshipped as God and sit in the temple of god. He will make false miracles and be revered, until exposes by Christ himself.

The Beast – In revelation 13:5-8 “The Beast” is the name by which Antichrist is referred. He will speak terrible blasphemous words against the Lord. As shown in the Omen trilogy he will gain political dominance and will be very influential and charismatic. He will rule for 42 months, which will be troubled times for the world. He will have the number “666” inscribed on his body. This is the symbol which can identify him as evil.

The day of reckoning is here as per this article I found. So how do we identify Antichrist and stay away from the deceit. Well it is simple just believe and follow Christ! Mmmm think this might be something worth a bit more thought and discussion. What do others think, I am not particularly religious but I am openminded and would love the opinions of others.

How should we forgive?

“How should we forgive?” my friend asked.

Really, how should we forgive?

That question has been nagging me for a while. It might seem simple, but it is something that many people are struggling with. When that person you care about hurts you very bad, and months later you claim you have forgiven him, how did you do that?

How should we forgive?
How should we forgive?

Did you forget what he/she did and choose to live as it never happened?  Does it still hurt deep inside and the forgiveness was just but a show? Too bad we cannot measure forgiveness. We just trust what someone say and choose to believe them. What goes inside them will forever remain a mystery.

You can sure choose to pretend that you have forgiven someone. Who will really know? Just keep smiling, laughing, hanging around etc. As longer as you act, nobody will ever know if you have truly forgiven your aggressor.

But what about those who do not pretend to forgive? What really happens inside them? Does the pain just disappear? I would really like to know this. I have sure said many times that I forgave someone, but the pain remained. In some instance it even become worse. They say forgive and forget. I have tried to forget but in vain. Some incidences are still as fresh as they happened years back.

How does someone really forgive?

What to do about nothing!

My new way of centering myself .. Keep Calm and SalsaI wrote about yoga in my last post and for a time I was very involved in it – even going to India to study but work, life etc got in the way and I haven’t practised yoga for a long time.  Another thing I seen to have let go is my exercising. I don’t know when it happened but it did. So what exactly do I do with my time? I decided to make a list  and here is what a came up with:

  • a big fat nothing!!!

I couldn’t believe it myself, I actually do very little. Ok I socialize with friends but most are married with kids and babysitters etc making it a not regular thing. I watch far too much TV and I am sure i do that so I have something to talk about with the people at work who are addicted to certain programmes. My favourite  –Strictly Come Dancing, I would watch that anytime. Poor Ivan voted off this week but I was surprised Jamilla was in the dance off – I thought she was good.

So what am I going to do about doing nothing, I will tell you. I am going to join a dance class and see if I have what it takes. I fancy salsa, I will be giving it like this in no time ( ha) so my plan for this week is to:

  • Find a class and join.
  • Go to said class
  • Make a proper To Do List!

I will let you know next time if I can met my goals.

Yoga and Ganga made for each other


Yoga on Ganga banks

A friend was waxing lyrical about yoga training in Rishikesh. Sometime ago I had been there and her chatting brought back some lovely memories. The misty waters of a sacred river and the chanting of mantras make the life of Rishikesh a holy city in India. This is no ordinary river but the river revered by Hindus as mother “Ganga”. There is strong connection between the river Ganga and the much popular exercise form “Yoga”. It is said to be first done by Shiva one of the “Trinity” deities in Hinduism and Ganga is supposed to flow from Shiva’s locks. So, do you now realize the connection between Yoga and Ganga! Yoga teacher training Rishikesh situated on the banks of the sacred river tells us that Yoga and Ganga are related somehow, in fact are inseparable. The things that make Yoga and Ganga inseparable are:

  • Early morning Surya Namaskar – The most important part of starting the practice of Yoga is to see the rising sun. It has been a religious practice to start the day with Surya Namaskar or worship of the Sun god offering him Gangajal (Water from Ganga). It has been proven medically that the pose of the Surya Namaskar is good for the body. Also the sun rays in the morning are beneficial for the body as well. Standing in the cool waters of Ganga adds to the benefit. Yoga Teacher training Rishikesh also relates the benefits of Surya Namaskar standing in the Ganga.
  • Ganga is Life of India – India cannot be imagined without Ganga. Most important cities in the north are along the banks of this holy river. The water has unique biological property of being as it is for 100 years. Yes folks it is true. Yoga is another aspect which is practiced the most along the banks of Ganga. You can look for yoga teacher training Rishikesh and you will find most of the training institutes in Rishikesh. Why is this happening? Well nothing happens without a cause. Yoga is best when done on the banks of the Ganga.
  • Feel of the mystic life – The banks of Ganga have some unexplained mystery. If you try to meditate it is very easy to do on the banks. There is no barrier. From ancient times the Yogis and sages have been meditating on the banks of Ganga. They get their salvation on the banks of the holy river. Many people from around the world will flock the yoga teacher training Rishikesh for getting peace, but is it so easy? Can mere training help you achieve what yoga teaches? Well that is a bigger discussion.
  • Water of Ganga has magical properties – I am not telling you to believe this blindly. Go to Rishikesh where the Ganga is still in the hills and has not yet picked up pollution. Just stay on the banks and bathe and drink the river water. Any health issues will be cured. That is the reason the water of Ganga is regarded as an elixir of life in the Hindu scriptures and also has been proven many times.

There are many Yoga teacher training institutes in India. However the most popular ones are along the banks of Ganga. Yoga teacher training Rishikesh is very popular among people coming from outside India. The reason is that you can find many spots along the river in Rishikesh that are perfect for Yoga.

Does our subconcious really talk to us?


A freudian slip named after the psychotherapist Sigmund Freud

Well how you like my weird and wonderful post last month? You got me, I posted the wrong one on the wrong blog. I have a hobby blog and normally it is nothing to do with this one, except when I am tired and not really watching what I am doing. This blog is for my thought and meanderings, my contemplations as I say ..I guess my mind went a bit blank to get confused or maybe it was a Freudian slip? What do you think? Did I subconciously want to let you all know I had another blog? Not sure, as I definately planned to keep them seperate, I write the other blog with my sister who is a career hobbist and me, I take on things as she gets me all enthusiastis and then it peters out..I get bored or can’t do it as well as I would like, or it gets too expensive – hobbies are certainly a consummer plan you can spend a fortune on them. The blog was a way of looking at hobbies from a distance, my sister thought this way I would choose one and focus on it. Not working, not who I am. I like change and variety, the blog suits me for that. Now this blog is for the me who likes to, well waffle according to family, I like to think its a character development; whatever it is I do enjoy the time I spend on here. So Freud, I am not sure i t was a slip but you are welcome to think of it however you like. have any of you made a Fredian slip? What effect did it have ir any? Do you believe in it as an action? The man has some very interesting thoughts on how our subconcious dictates we behave, his jargon is now common in everyday language, the Id, ego etc. What are you feelings about him and his beliefs?

My sister is a non believer but there again she is always totally engaged in her hobbies, mind you at her house the other day there was  lots of talk about payday loans, I wonder if she wants the money back I borrowed to upgrade my car…mmmmm might have to take a look at them.

Stamp Collection : The thinking Hobby

Collecting stamps is one of the most interesting hobbies. People of all ages can enjoy this. A stamp tells many stories about culture, geography and whatever you can imagine. Stamps have pictures of famous personalities, animals, landscapes and what not.

Stamp Collection
Album for collecting Stamps

You do not require money to start collecting. Just scrap the stamps from letters and get started. It also improves your knowledge about currencies. It relieves stress and because of the hobby you contact many people and become active socially.

Starting – A stamp album is the first thing to have. Tweezers for handling the stamps helps preserve them from grease and sweat. A magnifying glass in your set of tools will help to examine the small but beautiful details. Now you can get started

Collecting – Make it simple at first. Look for old envelopes with stamps. Remove carefully by immersing in water. After removing it, let it dry between two sheets of a newspaper. This is how I did it. You will get a stamp worth collecting if you follow the minor details.After making a collection by asking and finding you can go to the next step. If someone you know is going out of country ask them to bring some stamps.

Preserving – You will surely build up a collection which is worthy. Now the most important part is to preserve the collection. The collection will become emotionally close to you. So keep the collection away from moisture and dry the stamps periodically. A damaged collection is not worth the time you have put in.

With time you will become a serious collector and will start spending on rare stamps. Local and online stores can help you then. A good collection is sometimes worth a fortune!!!!Start today with the “King of Hobbies”.

Anyone for coffee?

Filter coffee the finest you can drink

I was in a meeting out of office the other day and they brought in coffee and biscuits. Absolutely dreadful coffee, it was tasteless, watery and thin. I like my coffee to be strong, full of flavor. When it hits your throat it should be like liquid velvet and time should stop for a second while you enjoy it. I just love it when I go abroad and can get filter coffee everywhere. Just been in Copenhagan and enjoyed some wonderful coffee with of course Danish Pastries. Although did find a delightful cupcake shop, Serenityin the middle of the city, I adore cupcakes with my coffee; wonderful atmosphere and charming owner. I also found some fantastic coffee shops in and around Copenhagan, Baresso and Joe and the Juice to name two. Not cheap but it is a capital city and a two shot latte is worth the money, try a shot of ginger in your latte for a real warm taste.

Coffee culture is now a recognised part of society, with its own rules and language or jargon and relatively new, coffee art! Who knew what a double espresso macchiato was a few years ago, not me.  I like this coffee culture especially as it means I can get quality coffee more or less anywhere – well with the few exceptions, peoples homes being one of them. I cannot understand why more homes don’t have espresso machines, they’re not overly expensive anymore or don’t need to be and are so easy to use. To keep a jar of coffee and most don’t keep it correctly, (refrigerate a jar of coffee to prolong the flavour) then to serve this watered down version to friends, makes no sense at all to me. So anyone reading this, treat your loved one to a decent coffee machine, you will all benefit.

Coffee art is growing and becoming quite specialised
Coffee Art.

Chocolate and Men

Flake chocolate bar ready to eat
Flake Chocolate Bar

If you watch chocolate adds they always tend to be aimed at women or kids why not men? As I sit here sipping my hot chocolate topped with marshmallows, luxuriating in the taste and sensation of drinking it I think they are missing out. Is it a sign on femininity to drink chocolate is it less manly? I know my partner will drink it when we are at home, if I make it of course but would never entertain ordering it when we are out.  The only chocolate I ever remember being aimed at men was the Yorkie bar – remember those ads, if not go have a look here. There are thousands for women but my favourite was the flake and this advert my favourite of all time…I’m romantic about waterfalls!! Ok, Flake on the shopping list. Back to men, if you look on lists of expeditions especially ones to the Polar regions you will find chocolate,. It was drunk as a stimulant and as a morale booster. At the end of the day and for breakfast, apparently it reduced toilet breaks, a welcome I would think in those temperatures.

Dough boys drinking cocoa in the trenches in WW1
A “Y” man serves hot chocolate in the Toulon Sector, March 22, 1918. Said one solider, the cocoa made them “feel like new men.”

Military rations have included  chocolate and no not just the Americans handing it out to the ladies in the second world war, Aztec to present day chocolate has had its uses for our soldiers,  “…and the hot cocoa was a welcome tonic for the weary and wounded marchers.” -Young Men, Vol. 43, 1917. So what am I advocating here? Men to share our chocolate – no way! Seriously I suppose I am but not to exaggerate the differences between us but to bring us more together in a simple enjoyment of the same thing. Not much to ask is it? Opinions please.